Acro Balance

Acro balance is an acrobatic art of partner lifting and is performed by acro dancers, circus performers, gymnasts, and sports acrobats, and is now widely used during doubles pole, silks and hoop performances too.

This class will include individual development of particular dynamic moves often used in partner lifting and catching, such as handstanding, cartwheeling and positioning for basing another person, as well as the double and group acrobalance moves themselves.

The class will teach you how to become a strong base and a good flyer. You will learn how to make yourself as 'light' as possible, how to counter-balance, where to hold your partner and most exciting of all how to 'fly'.

The class will be tailored to the ability of the individuals and you do not have to come with a partner there will be others in the class to partner up or group up with.

All fitness levels welcome from age 14+.

When attending Acro Balance classes, please ensure hair is tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn. It is advised to wear leggings and a vest or t-shirt top with a hoody or jumper in colder months. No shoes are required as the class will be taught with bare feet.

Price per class: £6.50 per person